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Black Ginger, Black Galingale, Krachai Dum, Kaempferia parviflora, aphrodisiac, polymethoxyflavone, dimethoxyflavone

The King of Thai Herbs


Black Ginger or Black Galingale or ‘Krachai Dum’ in Thai (Kaempferia parviflora) is an herbaceous plant belonging to the Zingiberaceae family. Since ancient times, it has traditionally been used as a health promoting, stimulating and vitalizing agent.
This plant is very popular for stimulating sexual performance mostly in males and can be found in various products form currently available in the market. In Thai traditional medicine this plant is one of all popular plant, having been use for a long time.

Rejuvenation and sex enhancement

Black Ginger has many interesting properties and the one of the most interesting being sex enhancement and rejuvenation. Black Ginger contains substantial amounts of PDE5 inhibitors, which act as natural Viagra, with the ability to enhance sexual performance by increasing blood-flow to the testis, be as the Testosterone production booster and increase sperm density.

Furthermore, Black Ginger can promote health through its Adaptogenic activity, stimulating dopaminergic functions in the hypothalamus, reducing triglycerides, preventing diabetes and so on.

Chemical Constituents from Black Ginger

The chemical constituents from Kaempferia parviflora consist of 5,7-dimethoxyflavone, 5-hydroxy-3,7,4’-trimethoxyflavone and 5-hydroxy-3,7-dimethoxyflavone and major flavones compounds.























  • Aphrodisiac activity from the role of PDE5 inhibitors
    (enhance sexual desire, sexual motivation and sexual performance)

  • Increase sperm density and increase condensation of lysosome in the basal part of Sertoli cells

  • Increase physical fitness & muscle endurance

  • Provide more energy by enhancing the muscular metabolisms

  • Increase blood flow and promote Nitric Oxide production

  • Excellent antioxidant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Adaptogenic activity

  • Anti-allergic activity

  • Anticholinesterase activity (prevent and cure Alzheimer’s disease)

  • Anti-gastric ulcer effect

  • Anti-Glycation and anti-obesity

  • Anxiolytic and antidepressant effects


Quality Control

3 Polymethoxyflavones:

  • 5,7-dimethoxyflavone (DMF)

  • 3,5,7,3 ,4 – pentamethoxyflavone (PMF)

  • 5,7,4 – trimethoxyflavone (TMF) 

are used for standardization of crude extract by UV-visible spectrophotometer or HPLC analysis and also for control the quality

  • Health food such as energy drink, sport nutrition

  • Food / herbal supplement

  • Cosmetics

  • Cosmeceuticals



Standard Package:

  • Aliminum bag

  • Plastic gallon container

Packaging can be provided in a variety of container types, depending on customs requirements.


Storage in cool and dry place away from light, excessive heat or freezing temperatures
Shelf life: 2 years


We provide copies of Specification Sheet, MSDS, Plant information, HPLC and analysis report


Black Ginger Product Range:

1. Black Ginger dry chips
2. Black Ginger powder
3. Black Ginger extract liquid
4. Black Ginger extract powder



Specification sheet



Black Ginger MSDS
Black Ginger COA
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