Laurel Clock Vine (Thunbergia laurifolia) or Ran-jued in Thai language is the plant that used for antidote for a long time. The antidote activity of Ran-jued is very broad which can neutralize pesticides, venom from plant and animals and other chemical poisons. Ran-jued also reduces the inflammation as well and more effective than mangosteen twice times and safer too. Most of antidote mechanism of Ran-jued is anti-oxidative activity and it has active ingredients that can neutralize the toxins before they will react with cells.

Active Compounds from Curcuma comosa

Compounds that isolated from the leaves of Laurel Clock Vine are consisting of iridoid glucosides, grandifloric acid, glucopyranosides, and derivatives of apigenin. Other compounds found in leaves and flowers were delphinidin derivatives, and phenolic acids of chlorogenic, caffeic, gallic, and protocatechuic.

Grandifloric acid





  • Anti-oxidative activity
  • Neutralizing toxins and reducing the hazard from toxins
  • Anti-diabetic activity
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hepatoprotective effect
  • Treating drug addiction
  • Antimutagenicity



  • Health food
  • Food / herbal supplement
  • Cosmetics
  • Cosmeceuticals



Standard Package: Plastic bag
Packaging can be provided in a variety of container types, depending on customs requirements.


Store in cool dry place, away from light, excessive heat or freezing temperatures
Shelf life: 2 years