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Our Technologies

We strive to seek new technologies and innovations to improve the quality of outstanding products and for the benefits of consumers as well as sustainability in energy and environment for a better life and world.

Microwave drying, microwave dehydration, microwave technology, microwave dried herbs

Microwave Drying

Patented system for the best herbal quality products​

  • Faster drying time

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Preserve shape and physical properties of material for its best quality

  • Cleaner and safer by eliminating most of microorganisms

  • Flexible temperature working range and fast adjustment

  • 0% waste and pollution

Microwave Drying

Green Extraction

To save the world and environment

  • Edible & renewable solvents

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Adopt technologies to increase extraction efficiency

  • Zero waste & pollution discharge

Green extraction, herbal extracts, herbal extraction, Thai herbs
Green Extraction

Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction

Patented design for the best extraction efficiency

  • Rich in active ingredients in herbal extracts

  • 20X Faster extraction time

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Lower solvent used

  • Low temperature process

Ultrasonic extraction
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